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   Heritage Junior Hockey League: HJHL By-laws, Policies

1.1 All teams must have a home arena and ensure they have access to adequate ice scheduling to meet their requirements of membership and participation in the HJHL
1.1.1. Such information must be maintained current with HJHL Executive
1.2. All League officials are admitted free upon presentation of League generated identification or pass (Official League jackets may substitute for these items).
1.2.1 Teams should provide their volunteer game admission helpers with a list of the leagues 7 executive officers... Past President; President; Vice President (2); Governor; Secretary; and Treasurer.
1.3. All Teams are responsible for ensuring that any damage caused at any arena, accidentally or intentionally, is reported to the rink attendants before the team leaves the arena.
1.3.1. All teams are responsible for paying for any damages caused acciden-tally or intentionally.
1.4 No team shall bring alcoholic beverages, or drugs, into any arena before, dur-ing or after a game.
1.4.1 Any player, coach, manager or other team official found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be suspended from the League until a final decision on that person’s status is determined.
1.4.2 Such ruling will be expedited by the league executive board but within 7 days of the automatic suspension.
1.4.3 Teams will check with all rink maintenance personnel before allowing their players to eat and spit out Spitz type products or chewing and other types of tobacco ‘spit’ type products. 
1.5 GATE ADMISSION - teams will establish their own gate admission to their home games.  
Our Web site and our League strives to present itself as both a professional and communicative organization; it is therefore important that each Team shows respect to these two virtues and makes on-going contributions.
2.1 All teams, with a web site, will link the League Web Site on their home pages
2.2 ALL teams will contribute to stories, Alumni info and special game & player information including submitting a key team or player profile for posting on the League’s Web Site Home Page
3.1 All Players must be registered as per HC and HA regulations
3.2 All players must be carded (registered via on-line computer registration) be-fore participating in any league game.
3.2.1 Teams will be able to buy cards and carry up to 35 cards until December 1st.
3.2.2 Teams must reduce their carded player roster + unused cards down to 25 on December 1st.
3.2.3 Teams must reduce their carded player roster + unused cards down to 23 on January 10th.
3.3 No Team can have more than four (4) carded 21 year old players on their team as per HC/HA rules
3.3.1 A 21 year old player must have BEEN A CARDED PLAYER for that Junior “B” team as HIS LAST CARDED TEAM after January 10th of his 20th birthday year
3.3.2 However...  no 20 year old from the previous season will be cut to accommodate any exception being requested
3.3.3 The 21 year old policy for the HJHL will follow the HA 21 year old policy provided in these policies as an attachment and will be as follows...
1. If, at the Annual AGM, the majority of the teams in attendance, with a 75% or higher acceptance, agree to support an exception to our policy for the upcoming year. Such exception must be specific in allowance terms and Executive decision criteria.
2. If, a new team is approved to enter our League, or a team has taken a volunteer 1-year only absence from our League, or a team that has been suspended for only 1-year from our League, and the rest of the League teams in attendance at a meeting or by email vote, by a vote of 75% or better, support an exception to the policy. Such exception must be specific in allowance terms and Executive decision criteria.
3. In all cases of exception requests, it must be understood that this does not mean that the Chair of Junior B Hockey Alberta nor Hockey Alberta will support the exception... your HJHL Executive’s support is only a recommendation to them.
3.4 No Team can cut a midget aged player after November 1st of each year and any such players kept on the team roster must be seen to be played within the normal playing rotation as with all other players through-out the season and playoffs
3.5 No team may dress more than two (2) affiliated AAA skaters and one (1) affiliated AAA goalkeeper for any regular season and playoff game within the Heritage Junior Hockey League... no limit on other listed affiliated players
3.6 For Provincial & Western Championships Teams may play up to five (5) affiliated AAA players
3.7 Teams must dress up to 20 players each game of which 2 must be goaltenders. Players are to be assigned a permanent jersey number by the 3rd league game and should wear this number for the remainder of the season.
3.7.1 If  a team changes a player jersey number they MUST advise the League Governor or League Statistician in writing of the change and the reason for it before any game is played with that player wearing the new #.
3.7.2 A $50 fine will be imposed for each incident where this does not happen
3.7.3 It is recognized, in an emergency, players may need to wear another number for one game... these are acceptable situations but still must be advised to the League Governor by attaching such rationale to the game sheet when faxing it into the League.
3.7.4 Similarly... if a game jersey is being worn by different affiliates please provide such explanation with the faxing of game sheets
3.8 Players, excl. goaltenders, are required to wear either a full face or a half-visor face mask. Players will not be allowed to participate in any League games, exhibition, or regular-scheduled or play-off without either one.
3.8.1 Goaltenders are allowed to wear a half-visor mask on the bench.
3.9 All players must wear an approved Mouth-Guard at all times on the ice.
3.9.1 This is not only a potential on-ice penalty but may also cancel all insurance coverage should something happen... teeth; jaw; concussion, etc.
4.1 TEAM OFFICIALS – as a minimum, a Manager and Coach are mandatory for each team. A Team official carrying both roles must then have an assistant Coach 
4.1.1 The League must be notified, in writing, of any changes of Team Officials and/or Directors... and their contact info
5.1 Each team shall have two (2) sets of sweaters:
5.1.1 One light and one dark.
5.1.2 Light colors shall be worn in the away rinks and dark at home.
5.2 Any team wishing to change team colors, logos or style must get pre approval of the League Executive before doing so.
5.2.1 The League must ensure there is not a conflict  between team uniform styles and patterns
6.1 Each team shall be dressed:
6.1.1 In matching socks and sweaters.
6.1.2 All pants are either long or short, not a combination of both.
6.1.3 A fine of $50.00 for not following above rules.
7.1  All home teams are responsible to provide a  number of Adult age, Non-Player volunteers for all games:
7.1.1 Includes... off -ice officials and an adequate number of arena security
7.1.2 Off Ice Officials will consist of at least 3 but suggest 4 to cover: Score Keeping; Score Clock; Penalty Boxes (2) Volunteers should know what they are doing – people with a knowledge of the game, scorekeeping, and their neutral role Volunteers will be attentive to their duties and at their assigned locations at least 5 minutes before the game and start of each period Teams MUST train or provide cheat sheets to its Score Sheet recorders for all home games. Such training or cheat sheets will include as a minimum: How to properly record penalties & goal scoring How to record times: goals scored/ penalties taken Use reverse time keeping – time on the arena clock 16:42 / time recorded on the score sheet 3:18 (both add up to 20:00); etc. How to record shots on Goal How to record Goalie changes
Note... Goalie stats are as important as scoring stats and win/loss stats
7.1.3 The League requires all home teams provide identifiable security at all games As a minimum Security will provide safety for:
• On-ice officials,
• Visiting team benches (if accessible by fans),
• Visiting team exits to ice and arena; and
• Player dressing room accesses to prevent off- ice conflicts be-tween players and/or fans and players.
7.1.4 Failure to provide proper security, especially in the case of documented complaints from the Referee, Referee Association or a visiting team… The League will impose a $200.00 fine / escalating in increments of $100 per each subsequent complaint. 3 complaints in one year will result in further disciplinary action by the League which, with a vote of 60% concurrence by the remaining league teams, could result in suspension of the team for the balance of the season
7.1.5 Teams must advise the League office should the RCMP be required to attend at the arena... inside or outside... and to provide the details of such incidents.
7.1.6 The League does not require teams to provide a goal judge for regular season nor League Playoff games.
7.1.7 Announcers and music DJs, at the game, may be team players not playing in that game however the league recommends the use of non-player, adult announcers where possible.
8.1 The number of league games shall be established each year at the HJHL AGM.
8.1.1 League games and dates shall be set at the HJHL Scheduling meeting. All scheduled games must be played within the start and end dates established at the AGM.
8.1.2 Games shall be played on the night scheduled and commence at the scheduled time.
8.1.3 No game shall be scheduled later than 8:30 p.m. unless agreed upon by both participating teams.
8.1.4 No game shall be scheduled before 1:00 p.m. unless agreed upon by both participating teams.
8.1.5 If the score is tied at the end of regulation time, league overtime rules shall be followed.
8.2 Two (2) points shall be awarded for a win, one (1) point for a tie or overtime loss and zero (0) for a regulation time loss.
8.2.1 There will be NO 4-point games allowed during the regular season and teams not completing their obligations will lose these points... in exceptional cases, if deemed appropriate by the majority of at least 3 League Executive agreeing, teams will end the season using ‘win percentage’ to determine their seeding.
8.3 Playoff format shall be determined at the league’s AGM but no later than the Scheduling Meeting.
8.3.1 All member clubs are advised to book Game #1 playoff ice rental dates well in advance of a series start
8.3.2 All playoff- game series will be played using an alternating schedule between home and away... 1- 1 - 1 - etc... unless both teams agree to another arrangement... in disputes, the HJHL will revert to the default order.
8.3.3 Home ice advantage goes to the team with the most regular season points. In the event of a tie then the advantage goes to the team with the best win record.... other tie breakers will be as per Hockey Alberta Regulations
8.3.4 All Teams must declare, no later than the Scheduling meeting, if they will or might have conflicts to normal League Playoff scheduling ex-pectations and all league teams must agree to allow those potential conflicts... 
8.3.5 The 1st game of a series will be played on the first day the round is scheduled to begin, unless both teams and the league agree to an alternative.
8.3.6 The game dates for each playoff series will be scheduled and agreed upon before that series commences.
8.3.7 In the case of a round robin series... the 1st place seeded team will:
• Have the choice of schedule
• 2 teams: they may choose away then home or reverse order
• 3 teams: 1st will book both ice times before the 2nd & 3rd place team’s book time. In this case the order will be 1st vs 3rd then 1st vs 2nd. The 2nd place team will then book times vs 3rd place.
• Teams will attempt to protect against forcing any team to play back to back games unless the league and both teams agree.
8.4 OVERTIME - Overtime will be played in play-off games according to the established HJHL Policies
8.5 Penalty: If any teams contravenes any of the above regulations:
8.5.1 They may be subject to a fine of up to $500.00; plus a suspension of up to 2 games to be served by the Head Coach &/or the General Manager of the respective team will be assessed.
8.5.2 In addition, the offending team will forfeit the disputed game, and the win awarded to the non-offending team.
8.6 Both teams must agree to all game times and playing locations (arenas) prior to the first game of the series being played. The President or his next in charge in case of absence will settle any disputes.
8.6.1 All playoff series confirmed schedules must be emailed or faxed to the League Governor with a copy to the President and Vice President before the series is scheduled to begins... evidence that BOTH teams agreeing to the schedule must be evident
8.6.2 Should a team fail to send such confirmations then that team will have arbitrarily waived any of their rights to any dispute
• An excuse of did not know or regular person was away, etc, etc will not be accepted as a reason for not following league rules
8.7 All playoff games must have a minimum of 2.5 hours ice time available. This is a responsibility of the home team.
8.7.1 In the event that the game could decide the League Championship, an extra 0.5 hour ice should be booked.
9.1 Game Times must be forwarded to League Directors in ample time so sched-ules for upcoming seasons can be printed... this date will be before the scheduled start of the regular season and will be determined by the League Governor at the scheduling meeting.
9.2 EXHIBITION AND TOURNAMENT PLAY- All teams wishing to partici-pate in exhibition and/or tournament play must have clearance by the League President. In some cases, HA and/or HC clearance may be necessary.
9.3. The League will Operate without a red line except for determining icing calls
9.4. Teams must ensure Score Sheets are clearly & legibly prepared with Player Names & Jersey Numbers
9.5 Each regular season and play-off game… teams will play three (3) twenty (20) minute stop-time periods. The ice will be cleaned between each period.
9.5.1 During the regular season, if a game is tied at the end of the 3rd pe-riod... Teams will have a 2 minute break... will not change ends... then play a 5 minute sudden death period... If the game is still tied after the 5 minute  sudden death overtime the teams will participate in a shoot-out
9.6 REGULAR SEASON - OVERTIME - During HJHL regular season games, if at the end of the three (3) regular twenty (20) minute periods, the score shall be tied, each team shall be awarded one point in the League standings.
9.6.1 The teams will then play an overtime period of not more than five (5) minutes with the Team scoring first declared the winner and being awarded an additional point. The overtime period will commence immediately following a two (2) minute rest during which the players will remain on the ice. The teams will not change ends. The overtime period shall be played 4 on 4 + goalkeeper. If there is a man power advantage carried over from regulation time to overtime...
a. Teams are 5 on 4... overtime begins at 4 on 3.
b. Teams are 5 on 3, overtime begins at 5 on 3... At the first stop in play after 1 or both penalties have expired the teams revert to 4 on 3 or 4 on 4 as appropriate.
c. If teams are 4 on 4 with a player or players in the box serving non-coincidental penalties, overtime starts 4 on 4... Players exit penalty box as normal. At first stoppage of play, teams are adjusted to 4 on 3 or 4 on 4, as appropri-ate.
d. If teams are 3 on 3, overtime starts 3 on 3.  Once player strength reaches 5 on 4 or 5 on 5, at the next stoppage players strength is adjusted to 4 on 3 or 4 on 4, as appro-priate. If a team is penalized in overtime, teams play 4 - 3. In overtime, if a team is penalized such that a 2-man advantage results then the teams will play 5 - 3. At the first stoppage of play after the 2 man advantage is no longer in effect, the numerical strength of the team will revert back to either a 4 on 4 or 4 on 3 as appropriate.
9.6.2 A team shall be allowed to pull its goalkeeper in favour of an addi-tional skater in the overtime period. .. ***However***... Should that team lose the game during the time in which the goalkeeper has been removed, it would forfeit the automatic point gained in the tie at the end of regulation play, except ... If the goalkeeper has been removed at the call of a delayed penalty against the other team it retains the point.
9.6.3 Should the game still be tied after the 5 minute overtime then the teams will go into a shoot-out. Shootout will consist of that normally seen in the NHL
a. 3 separate shooters from each team will be identified and the list provided to the game scorekeeper
b. The home team has the right to decide who will shoot first
c. The team that leads in goals scored after these 3 shooters wins the game
d. If there is no clear winner after three shooters the teams will iden-tify a new shooter one at a time... the first team to score unan-swered on a head to head shoot-out wins
e. No player may shoot a second time until all listed players have made a shot.... the score keeper must continue to list player jer-sey numbers to track this
f. Players in the penalty box when the overtime 5 minute period ends cannot participate in the shoot-out
9.7 PLAYOFFS -OVERTIME - in the event of a tied game the following will be adhered to:
9.7.1 One ten (10) minute stop time ‘sudden death’ period will be played... Teams have a 2 minute rest but do not leave the ice Teams do not change ends
9.7.2 If still tied, teams will leave the ice so it may be cleaned as per any regular period ending Teams then play twenty (20) minute sudden victory periods until the tie is broken.
NOTE: The ice will be flooded only before/ after each 20 minute period.
9.8 Teams who show up for a game with less than 12 eligible skating players, including a goal tender, or who cancel a game due to not having enough players will Face League disciplinary action… plus
9.8.1 Face an immediate $500.00 fine for each occurrence payable to the other team
9.8.2 Three (3) strike rule is in effect: 3rd occurrence automatic suspension from further play, that year, and possible termination from the league with forfeiture of performance bond.
9.9 No game, including play-off games, shall be cancelled without the President or his representative’s permission – exceptions will only be entertained in the case of last minute weather conditions however an immediate email must be sent to the league. It is the responsibility of both teams to keep the league apprised of efforts to reschedule all cancelled games.
9.9.1 Any contravention of this rule… $100.00 minimum fine
9.9.2 Failure for a home team to reschedule a cancelled game within 15 days… home team fined $500.00 and League imposing a solution
9.9.3 The home team must provide the visiting team with at least 2 alternative replacement dates, these could/should include ice in neighbouring communities…  failure of a visiting team to make every effort to attend a replacement date that is sanctioned by the league will: Result in loss of that game and home team being awarded the 2 points plus visiting team pays them a $500.00 expense reimbursement. Throughout the rescheduling process the League must be cop-ied on all emails between the two teams and their rescheduling efforts as well as emailed about all alternate communications and actions taken. Failure to do this and failure to reschedule a game in a timely fashion could result in fines and suspensions.
9.10 Teams wishing to change a scheduled game after the official notification of the league game schedule… $50.00 per occasion.
9.11 There will be NO 4-point games allowed during the regular season and teams not completing their obligations will lose these points... in exceptional cases, if deemed appropriate by the majority of at least 3 League Executive agreeing, teams will end the season using ‘win percentage’ to determine their seeding.
9.12 SCHEDULED GAMES AGAINST A TEAM TERMINATED OR SUSPENDED DURING THE SEASON - These games will be recorded as... a 1–0 win for each active team with a scheduled game remaining against such a Team.
9.13 As per Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta regulations NO player or team official suspension can be served as part of any un-played games against such terminated or suspended teams.
10.1 GAME WARM-UPS - Each team is to supply the warm-ups pucks (with a minimum of 24 pucks per team).
10.1.1 The 15-minute warm-up must start 30 minutes prior to game time.
10.1.2 An On-Ice Official may be present as observer during the warm-up
10.1.3 Alternatively both teams will appoint a team coaching staff person as an alternate observer that both teams warm-up without player instigation or improper incident activity
10.2 The home team is responsible to ensure a buzzer will sound with 2 minutes before the warm up allowed time is to end
10.3 The visiting team must vacate the ice before the warm up time expires
10.3.1 The referee will penalize a team for any violation during warm-up resulting in that team starting the game with a player in the box. 
10.3.2 The Home team can have up to a maximum of 4 players left on ice to collect pucks after the warm-up and before the flood.
10.4 Each team’s coaching staff is responsible to ensure only those players
It is the intent that the HJHL and its members operate within its own vision and mandate.
Therefore it should be remembered that the HJHL’s Suspension and Fine System is not only intended to be imposed in a fair and reasonable punitive result but that it is also intended to remind its members and players that they have an obligation to demonstrate their commitment to our “Game” and our responsibility to leave a heritage in this League where young people can participate in a well coached, organised, creditable hockey program.
“Our program will teach and promote the skills and sportsmanship of the sport while assisting players to grow as young adults”
Note: The league cannot impose a suspension when there is no referee imposed penalty call and the league cannot impose a suspension that is greater than that called for by the referee’s call!
Note: In support of Hockey Alberta Regulations and in cooperation with the various Referee Associations, the Heritage Junior Hockey League expects ALL teams to fully support and assist, without question, any game official who ejects a Team Official or fan from an arena or makes any request of action.
SUNDRY FINES… The League will impose fines of $300.00 per occurrence to each team infraction for the following non-participation:
• No team representation at a duly scheduled League meeting
• No team representative at the duly scheduled Hockey Alberta/Junior B called meetings
SUSPENSIONS – Please refer to the hand-out on Hockey Alberta’s mini-mum suspension guideline...
All suspensions warrant the automatic suspension of the player, coach, or team official from their next scheduled league or playoff game.
If the suspension is to be increased the team's manager or contact as determined at the League’s AGM, will be advised by the HJHL Governor.
These suspensions are only a guideline and the League Executive may issue suspensions that are more severe in cases of injury, multiple player infractions of discipline, or any other circumstance that warrants a longer suspension.
These are in effect for all pre-season, regular season and league playoff games.
Some suspensions carry over into Provincial and Western Canada Champion-ships.
11.1 Team Officials or Staff being abusive to Game Officials will face major fines and potential more severe suspensions handed down by the League’s President, or Governor, or Vice President and/or Hockey Alberta
11.1.1 Team officials going public in their criticism of game officials… automatic suspension and a minimum fine of $100
11.2 Team Officials or Staff bringing embarrassment to the League and or direct-ing abuse, disrespect, harassment, or any other form… email or phone call… badgering toward any of the League’s Member Representatives or its Elected Executive will face major fines as determined by the League’s President and/or any League Suspension’s Committee.
11.2.1 One email is suffice to raise a question… a second one with demands or unacceptance of a league decision/non-decision may be overlooked… a third or 4th uninvited email is badgering 
11.3 Team Officials or Staff under suspended cannot be in the arena from 1 hour before and not before ½ hour after the game ends for each game of suspension.
11.3.1 Failure to obey this rule will result in: Doubling the suspension plus a Team $200 fine A second occurrence of disobedience to the rule anytime in the same year may result in suspension for the balance of the year
11.3.2 Exceptions to this rule... where recreation facilities are multi use allowing a team official the liberty to be in the facility but not in the actual arena or near the players or coaching staff... in these cases it is very important that the suspended member not be seen to be taking an active part in the game through team staff or player interaction nor actually watching the game as a spectator... any breach of the rule will be seen as a major disobedience of League rules
11.4 If a suspended player does not sit out the required game… suspension is doubled. He would be treated as an ineligible player in the game he played and his Head Coach is suspended for the next game as well.
11.5 All League suspensions will meet at least the HA and HC designated rules.
11.6 As per Hockey Canada/Hockey Alberta regulations, NO player or team official’s suspension may be served as part of any un-played games against a team who has been terminated or suspended for the balance of the season.
The HJHL has instituted a number of minimum automatic suspensions as a result of referee called penalties. All suspensions automatically begin next game and subsequent games.
Please note these are only a guideline and the League Executive may issue suspensions that are more severe in cases of injury or any other circumstance that warrants a longer suspension.
“Suspensions” are in effect only for regular season and league playoff games not tournament, exhibition or pre-season games… Suspensions will carry over to sanctioned Provincial and Western Canada Championships
Refer to the addendum Hockey Alberta Minimum Suspensions and Rules Document
These will be used unless the Teams agree on revised increased suspensions at their League Scheduling meeting each year
12.1 All intent to protests must be made by email within 24 hours of the game or notification of suspension in question, and be followed immediately by a written protest sent to the League President / Governor with a copy to the opposing team (if a game appeal is the reason), within 72 hours of completion of the protested game.
12.2 A cheque shall accompany ALL protests in the amount of $100.00, which shall be forfeited to the League if the protest is not upheld.
12.3 The defending Club must file any defence for rebuttal within 72 hours of being notified by the President / Governor of the protest, or within 72 hours of receipt of a copy of the protest from the protesting team.
13.1 The home team is responsible for booking and paying for their on-ice officials for all games.
13.2 Home Teams will ensure an on-ice official is available to oversee the pre-game warm-up by both teams
13.3 On-Ice officials will be certified members of a recognized Provincial Referees Association
13.4 No Team Staff member or Team Official will act in this capacity
13.5 HA shall normally arrange for three (3) carded officials.
13.6 They shall normally be one referee and two linesmen. A two-man referee system may be used:
13.6.1 In the event of injury to an official during a game both teams shall accept the use of a two-man system should that be the On-Ice Official’s decision.
13.7 Playoff games must not start until ALL game officials are in place.
14.1 The Home team must fax, to the League Governor, no later than the next morning a copy of the game sheet along with any referee reports and game summary sheet high lighting exceptional game or player action
14.2 Copies of game sheets/referee reports are to be distributed as follows:
14.2.1 Original to League Governor  /  1st copy to visiting team  /  2nd & 3rd copy to home team
14.3 It is the responsibility of the Manager of the home club to ensure that the game sheets are POSTMARKED within 48 hours of the completion of the game.
14.3.1 The home club is responsible for delivering the visiting club's game sheet to their dressing room within ½ hour of the completion of the game.
14.4 It is the responsibility of the Home team that Game Sheets are completed properly as per the leagues rules
APPEALS may only be acted upon if...
Any ruling made by the League President or other League Executive against an individual, player or club that is not specifically laid out in the League By-Laws; Rules or Policies / Procedures and/or HA/HC rule books, or in the League Suspension Rules, may be appealed by the offended party.
15.1 An appeal must be launched within seven (7) days of the ruling.
15.2 The offended party must notify the League President in writing – Letter must be faxed to the President on the same day it is mailed.
15.3 The HJHL President will schedule an internal hearing on the appeal.
15.3.1 The appealer can ask for a review of 2 to 4 representatives from other HJHL clubs rather than League Executive or including a League Executive representative
15.4 Appeal actions will commence within 48 hours of receipt of appeal and will be satisfied with expediency
15.5 Appeal rulings shall be final.
15.6 Appeals must be accompanied with a $100.00 cheque made payable to the League which will be returned if the appeal is upheld.
15.7 There is no appeal of an On-Ice Game Official’s penalty call and the League’s posted assigned suspension / fine as a result.
15.8 There is no appeal on any suspensions and fines issued against a Team Official/Staff Member accused of abuse or disrespect of League On-Ice or Off-Ice Officials and /or towards any League Executive.
15.9 Appeals can only be made on suspensions and or fines imposed by the league if it is felt that the suspension or fine is excessive as compared to the League’s normal practices in interpreting its By Laws; Rules; and or Poli-cies. 

Game:   VS      
Main story line in 5 lines or less (could be used as a marketing by line on the Leagues Web page)

Gilbert Renaud President (403)352-9471
Gerry Arnusch Past President (403)342-6978 / (403)340-8629 fax
John Lockhart Vice President (403)818-2693 / (403)995-3760 fax
 Vice President 
Gary Wournell Governor (403)948-5940 / (403)948-6637 fax
Karen Ross Secretary (403)318-7430
Yvonne Szakacs Treasurer 
Based upon number of teams and on the League Board’s choice – the HJHL will operate as follows:
1. 2 Conferences
a. North & South Conference
b. 38 game schedule
c. Both Conferences with 7 teams each (14 total teams)
i. Each Team plays
1. 4 games against teams in its own Conference... (2 home / 2 away)
2. 2 games against teams in the other Conference... (1 home / 1 away)
NOTE: The League Executive, in advance of any playoff series may impose a change to the schedule. This would normally be the adjustment of a series round from:
• a best 4 of 7 to a best 3 of 5 / best 3 of 5 series to a best 2 of 3.
Seedings: The team with the better finish during the regular season will receive the higher seeding throughout.
1. Teams with identical records will be seeded by:
? Had the best record against each other in the regular season. If still equal then;
? Scored the most goals against the other. If still equal then;
? Best goal average for the regular season... goals for + goals against divided into goals for. If still equal then;
? Scored the first goal in the first regular season game against each other.
Playoff format will be decided at the HJHL AGM each year but normally with a 14 team, 2 Conference format, the playoffs will be:
• Only top 6 teams in each conference makes the playoffs
• Teams remain in own Conference until Conference Champion is determined
• Teams are seeded in their Conference 
• 1st round… best 2 of 3... #3 seed  vs  #6  seed / #4 seed  vs #5 seed
 # 1 &  # 2 seeds in each Conference  have 1st round Bye
• 2nd round… Re-seed teams... best 4 of 7… #1 vs #4 seed  / #2 vs #3 seed
(cannot be started before end of both 1st round series)
• 3rd round… best 4 of 7… Divisional Championships
• 4th round... best 3 of 5... League Championship...
(both teams go to the Provincials... both teams can agree mutually to play a best 2 of 3 or a best 4 of 7 series with League permission
Timing (if both teams agree, in advance, the start can be anytime after the designated start date – end dates cannot exceed 1 day beyond scheduled end dates)
• Round 1... best 2 of 3...
• 6 days
• Round 2... best 4 of 7...
• 12 days
• Divisional Championship... best 4 of 7... 
• 12 days
• League Championship... best 3 of 5... 
• 12 days 
If you perceive a problem you must let the League know before all playoff games begin… copying all League Teams

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